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You have your own business and you are not on the net?

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You have your own business and you are not on the net?

Did you know that nearly 95% of consumers search the web before buying? Also, three out of five people use the internet search engines (mainly Google ) as a source of information before buying?
No more doubts about whether buyers made their decisions before buying on the Internet and that more and more services and products purchased directly from the website. Those owners of small and medium enterprises realize this and have optimized their websites so they could be ahead of their competition.

Do not miss the large number of potential new clients that are in the digital world!

The hardest thing always is to start, but we are here to help you. We’ll send you a free offer with the strategy of digital marketing and the steps that you can do in order to achieve the best possible results on the Internet. Like MontagNadalin consulting use its websites to show their services in the best possible ways.

What can we do for you?

Click Internet Solutions can help you to improve your business through the utilization of online resources. Here are 7 things that we can improve the position of your business on the Internet and bring you potential customers:
• Optimizing your website for search engines – SEO
• Organize ads on search engines (Google Search Network)
• Post contextual ads
• Make campaigns with graphic and media ads
• Located all our efforts in digital marketing
• Produce campaign for mobile devices
• To plan and carry out campaigns on social networks ( Facebook Ads and Applications )

Optimizing a website for search engines or SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important preconditions for increasing traffic, a website’s success, and strengthening the company’s brand. Our experts will analyze keywords, shall technical Onsite – optimization of the website and will regularly report on the positioning of your website in the top search results on leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for the most important keywords.

Getting to know your business processes and customers is the first step in creating an SEO analysis, analysis of the existing content and traffic statistics (Google Analytics) allows us to make a realistic picture of the company’s position in the market, as well as a plan for solving the existing problems and the integration of new improvements.

Web site is a virtual window into your business. The first impression of your business potential visitors built on the basis of visual identity, functionality and ease of navigation. The best example is definitely Miami movers  these Miami movers do a great job . These sites invite visitors to take action, guiding them towards further searching and reading content. Creating original web site is a combination of creativity and technology which is in charge of our team for Web development.

To reach the best possible solution, we include customers in all phases of planning and development.

Everything starts with an idea. After the initial conceptualization elements (gallery, blog, news, online store …) our team takes matters into their own hands. The design and structure design give the presentation functionality, and then developers continue its further development.

In addition to creating a completely new website that will meet your business goals and personal preferences, if you already have a website, one of the possibilities that we offer is a redesign. Redesign of websites a fresh and modern look, as well as enhanced functionality.

How to market your business online?

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How to market your business online?

Many of business owners make big mistakes when internet marketing is in order, they identify it with traditional advertisement and that’s a cardinal mistake, because its results aren’t visible enough, and return of made investments isn’t on satisfying level. Many of them give up, or change strategy, but even these things won’t guarantee you success.

So, how you should market your business online, successfully?

Imagine you have web page, which serves you to market your business, but no one knows about it, she is somewhere online, and people come across it from time to time, you don’t have much of a traffic and when you remember how much the development cost you, let just say: it doesn’t leave a good feeling.

You should point out that your web page exists, if you would resort to traditional marketing and put ads on streets where the biggest population of your costumers is, you would get a bigger success, same goes for internet marketing. You will need to work more here or even hire some expert to help you, but results will come.

You should point out your presence on:

Social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, with a development of new technologies, people use these powerful tools in their advantage, especially since the 1/3 of world’s population has an account on them. You can market your business here, open separate account just in that purpose or even pay an ad, which will promote your services or products.
Use other web pages, you have an opportunity to pay Google to market your business by using their famous AdWords, it might be a little expensive to compete for high ranked keywords, but it will definitely pay off. Email newsletters seems to be a little forgotten, but they are definitely alive. This is one of the cheapest solution to promote your business, you can easily draw up a newsletter with products and services that are on sale in order to attract more customers, if you have online client data base, it wouldn’t be too hard to send them and inform them about your products.

These all means we are just at the beginning of the story, but most important part is the communication. Commercial doesn’t talk with costumers, good marketing is a dialog, he is directed on acquiring all necessary means to provide good service to your clients and that they are satisfied. You need to provide trust, safety and pleasure to your clients and it up to you if you could manage that!

If you don’t think you can maintain communication with your clients don’t even start it. You will spend money and time and you will do nothing. You must adapt your life and needs to the life of your costumers and your followers. What is the good in posting a 30 statuses on Facebook, if no one reads them? Same goes for other types of web communications.

You need to constantly refresh the flow of communication, otherwise you will risk to lose your costumers and followers on social networks and in life.

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